From coming into existence,KIVENTO Ceramics always takes exploitation abroad market as its main task.  Above 80 percent of its output per year is for export to other place such as Europe,North America,Southeast Asia,etc.The success of KIVENTO Ceramics rests with its concerted cooperating with abroad companies, providing high quality products and excellent services and keep good relationship with them.Our company develops different products to satisfy diversity marketing and satisfies different customers with special quality and excellent service.
   Global consummate selling network and service system not only let us stay closer with consumers,but also reach our service target anytime,anywhere,anycase. 

Domestic Market 
    At the time when consumption influences domestic market,consumers are very interested in the high quality products from KIVENTO Ceramics.Depending on powerful organization structure,KIVENTO Ceramics sets top regional agent at Foshan City,China,to satisfy the requirements from abroad and home.Now to meet continuous increase of domestic market.KIVENTO Ceramics is making great effort to enlarge its selling network.The recognition and approval from users and consumers will encourage us keep on developing and doing better.
KIVENTO ceramics has been striving for creating individual and different products and services to meet different requirements of customers with the target more than the expection of customers.
   A.KIVENTO can customize products for you in accordance with the requirements of engineering design in size, assortment and pattern.
   B.KIVENTO can customize porducts for you according to the requirements of marketing areas.
   C.KIVENTO can identify products with special physical and chemical properties  in accordance with use environments. 

Customization service

   1.KIVENTO owns a contingent of technical force with rich experience in porcelain making such as chemical engineer,thermodynamic engineer,mechanical engineer and so on,which can meet the requirements of various specialties and development and production of ceramic products.
   2.KIVENTO has overall ceramic manufacturing equipment and machinery,large tonnage press, fully automatic channel kiln, various material distributing systems, color separation and pattern printing system and can ensure product's quality. 
   3.KIVENTO adopts globalize electronic business communication system to provide you excellent and rapid service.
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